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    Purpose of this Forum :
    • This Section is for the Members to Share some cool Offers or Promos and Coupons or "Freebies" ( Related to Web Hosting ).
    • Affiliate Links ( with Free Offers / Coupons ) can be posted , but you MUST INCLUDE the Offer Link WITHOUT Affiliate Code as well. If only the affiliate link is posted, the post will be removed.
    • Sellers are NOT allowed to post their own offers / offer of the company they represent.
    What is Allowed :
    • Members can Open New Threads and Share Promo Offers and Coupons.
    • If posting an Affiliate Link, Provide a Link WITHOUT your Affiliate code as well.
    • Sellers/WebHosts can Post a Thread ( 1 Thread in 90 Days ), with Their "Free" Contest/Offer ( The Host MUST be Offering Paid Plans as well )
    • Providers can reply to existing threads which relates/mentions to their own company.
    What is NOT Allowed in this Section :
    • Opening New Thread with Free "Trial" Offers , This is for Giveaways or Freebies ONLY.
    • Spamming the Forum
    • Thread Bumping
    • Bashing Other Hosts / Providers
    • Providers MUST NOT Reply/Comment over to Offers of Other Providers
    FAQs :

    Qs. :
    I am a Free Web Host , Can I Advertize Here ?
    Answer : No. This forum is for Paid Hosts who offer "Free" Services via Promotions / Contests.

    Qs. : I want to give away some of my unused domains for Free , can I post here ?
    Answer : Yes. Absolutely !

    Qs. : Can I promote my Affiliate Links ?
    Answer : Yes You can, Provided :
    • The Affiliate Link Provides a Discount for the Service
    • You are Willing to Post a "Non Affiliate Link" for the SAME Offer in the SAME Post.
    Qs. : Can I post the Free "Trial" Offer of my Company ?
    Answer : No. This forum is for Paid Hosts who offer "Free" Services via Promotions / Contests. Trial Offers are NOT Allowed. You can Create a Thread with a Promo Offer or Giveaways ONLY. The Giveaway Must have a MINIMUM Service Duration Period of 3 Months.
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